David Ratunuman

Guitar  & Piano Guitar


David grew up in Orange County. He has been playing guitar for 8+ years. He is a lover of anything that has to do with bringing an idea to life. He enjoys playing guitar, bass, piano, and writing songs. He studied guitar at Orange County School of the Arts.

His favorite current guitarists are Tom Misch, Andy Mckee, John Mayer, and Corey Wong.

David finds teaching music to be challenging and rewarding. Not all “beginners”  think the same way which makes it challenging. The moment you get a little deeper into who the student is, as an individual, that’s where progress starts happening. Things can now be tweaked and taught in a way that’s best for the student. Learning music then becomes a lot more productive, and fun! It’s always rewarding to see the smile or laugh followed after the “aha” moment when something clicks or they realize how far they’ve come.